Timely Reminders

Today has been full of mixed emotions. I’m not sure how my heart can feel both heavy and encouraged at the same time. With the mandate to practice social distancing during this pandemic of covid-19 outbreaks, my Pastor delivered a heartfelt message via Facebook Live. He preached from Romans 8:38,39 and titled it “I am Persuaded”. He encouraged us to remember that there is no circumstance that can separate us from God’s love for us. The message was more timely than I realized.

Just as I was typing the comment, “I am persuaded that God loves me”, I noticed that I had received multiple group text messages on my phone. The first was a copy of a revised work schedule. Effective tomorrow, my employment status is no longer full time. As a matter of fact, I’m two hours a week shy of being eligible for health insurance. All I could do was look back at my computer screen where the sermon was continuing and my comment was out there for all to see. I am persuaded that God loves me. I am persuaded that God loves me. I trust you Lord and I know that you love me. I had to keep saying it. I was in shock that it came without warning or even regard for the courtesy of a one on one notification. If it weren’t for this timely reminder of God’s love, I think my response would have been much more dramatic.

 After service, I sent texts to my daughter and my prayer partner; followed by a message that “My trust is in God and not man”. Thankfully my friend called and allowed me space to continue my confession that I know that God’s plan is perfect and that I just need to focus on finding out the next steps He wants me to take. God has never left me stranded. No matter what, I trust God and I will not forget promises He made to me years ago.  After all of my self- encouraging words, I told her to remember everything I said. That way she would be able to remind me, on those “woe is me” days that I lose sight of my confessions.

Even in sad times, we have to remember God’s love for us. Stay in His Word. It is the safest place.

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