Shortly after I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I heard the term “Pentecost Sunday” for the first time. The entire week leading up to that great day, I kept hearing comments and announcements on the radio about it. I hadn’t been going to church consistently, but purposed in my heart that I was going on that day to find out what all the fanfare was about. I got up early, dressed my daughter in her cutest dress, and off to church we went. My level of excitement could be described as that of a child on Christmas Eve. I was about to learn about Pentecost and celebrate it with my church family. After a forty minute drive, I sat through one of the most disappointing services ever. Not one statement was made regarding Pentecost. The word wasn’t used at all, not even in the announcements. None of my Christian friends were even talking about it. A few years went by before I learned about Pentecost. Fast forward twenty years and I find myself sitting here, early morning of Pentecost Sunday, with the burden that there are still many Christians who don’t know the importance of this great celebration.

The term Pentecost is from a Greek word that means fiftieth. The first festival was after Moses led the children of Israel (Jews) out of Egypt. It was called “the feast of harvest”. (Exodus 23:16) In Leviticus 23, this feast is referred to as one of God’s “holy convocations” (23:2) This meeting was held on the fiftieth day after the Passover. The Passover feast, or feast of “unleavened bread” is what was taking place during what we Christians call “The Lord’s Supper” or the “Last Supper”. After Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension the disciples and many others (120 according to Acts 1:20) remained together until the “day of Pentecost” . (Acts 2) It was on that day that the promise of “power” from the Holy Ghost was fulfilled. (Acts 1:8) This power was evident when Peter stood before a large crowd of scorners and shared the Gospel in a way that “three thousand souls” were added to the church. (Acts 2:41) As Christians, Pentecost Sunday is a day of celebration of the birth of the New Testament Church.

Like any other party or celebration, it is not much fun if you’re at home watching it on television (wishing you were there). Even the Apostle Paul encourages believers to not neglect “the assembling of ourselves together”. (Hebrews 10:25) There are some who are reading this brief synopsis and not planning to go to church this morning. I pray that this has sparked your interest and given you a hunger for an even greater understanding. If you have been a Christian for several years and your understanding of Acts 2 doesn’t go beyond the gift of speaking in tongues, the problem may be stemmed from one of two situations. Either Bible study and Sunday School haven’t been a priority in your schedule or you haven’t been attending a church that teaches the Word of God. Either way, today is a great day for change. I encourage all, who are able, to go out and join the celebration. GO TO CHURCH

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